Examples Of Intellect In The Odyssey

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The epic hero Odysseus, in the epic The Odyssey, shows a lot different traits, but the most evident and important is the intellect.
One of the situations in which Odysseus exhibits intellect occurs when he meets the Cyclopes Polyphemus. Polyphemus imprisons Odysseus and his men, but Odysseus tells him that his name is “Nobody” so when he contrives how to blind him and the Cyclopes yells to his brothers that the “Nobody” blinds him, his brothers don’t come to help him.
In that same episode, he uses his intellect again because after having blinded him, Odysseus solves the problem of how to get out of the cave combining three by three rams with wicker laces and blew the middle one binds a mate. When Polyphemus removes the boulder that blocks

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