Examples Of Interdependence Conflict

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1. Conflicts are inevitable in common life and in organizations’ life. Conflicts arise from differences. When individuals come together in teams the difference in terms of power, values, and attitudes contribute and create conflict. In this case we can see different kind of conflicts. There are many levels to most conflicts between people and groups. Conflicts exist in the core team, frustration among the projects sub teams.. There is lack of trust within the core team, and Didier is not building unity. They are conflicts about how to run the project and conflicts based in group identity. There are not any characteristics in the core team of identity like cohesion, loyalty, trust and cooperation. The core team members in this case didn’t managed to establish a team identity that drives connection and commitment to the group and its work. In this case there are issues in trust, communication and leadership. I can identify interdependence conflict. These conflict happens when a person relies on someone else 's cooperation in order get their job done. Also as it described there are emotional concerns like appreciation, affiliation, autonomy, status and role within the team.
2. This case focuses on a global team. Technology helps people to work together regardless of where they are placed. In distance we can identify an emotional/phychological (consist of demographic factors: age, education, etc) and physical/structural perspective (geographical distance, frequency on
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