Examples Of Interest Groups

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Kenisha Gaddist Interest Groups for POLS 1101, Section L An interest group is an organized body of individuals who share common political goals and attempt to influence public policy. There are many interest groups in the United States and they each serve their own purpose. One example of an interest group is the American Federation of Labor- Congress of Industrial Organizations, (AFL-CIO). The people in this organization work together to help improve the quality of life for citizens who are employed. This group represents employees who may have grievances about wages, benefits, and even unequal opportunities. The American Federation of Labor- Congress of Industrial Organization was created in 1955 by the joining of both the American Federation …show more content…

As a union, they negotiate the rights of employees to receive better wages and benefits. Not only do they seek better wages, they also strive to ensure that they work in a safe environment. AFL-CIO also provides training for employees to learn valuable skills that are needed to effectively do their job. However, people of higher authority such as CEO’s, or Presidents of companies do not approve of these groups because they believe that they instigate protests and strikes by their employees and they can also make employees become more hostile towards them. Employees on the other hand, believe that it is necessary to make sure that the people’s voices are heard in the workplace. This interest group benefits employees, who are discriminated in any type of way, and also help to ensure that workers are treated fairly and are not taken advantage of. There many instances where people might have been on the verge of losing their job, however because of the union fighting for their job they can remain employed until their case has been heard. Some types of employment may not be properly represented and do not have a union to support and represent them if they are being mistreated. While the AFL-CIO can assist many large companies, they also work with the self- employed, such as some childcare providers, cab drivers, as well as

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