Examples Of Internal Conflict In Macbeth

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In the play “Macbeth” the protagonist goes through different kind of external and internal conflict.
Firstly, Macbeth has an internal conflict within himself whereas he does not want to kill the king, however Lady Macbeth, whom was Lords Macbeths wife, gets involved which leads up to Macbeths first external conflict. Lady Macbeth insults him by calling Macbeth names which upsets Macbeth as a man. But nonetheless Macbeth did not want to kill the King of Scotland, yet he still does it to prove his lady of how much of a man he is.
Secondly, an internal conflict ensues at the aftermath of the killing of the King of Scotland. He begins to feel the guilt, and the humanity in him begins to stir, but when he hires two hit-men to kill one of his good friend, who was present when the three witches gave Macbeth the prosperity, the guilt within him begins to worsen. Macbeth fears that his prosperity would be exposed and the people in the kingdom would know that he had murdered the former King of Scotland. When the two hired hit men murderers his good friend, Banquo, an internal conflict begins. Macbeth begins to hallucinate his dead friend and therefore begins to struggle to distinguish between what is real and what is not.
Thirdly, as the days of the newly crowned King of Scotland goes by, Macbeth begins to be
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The three murderers kills Banquo whereas Fleance flees for his life. In the scene, there has been a use of tragic flaw when the three murderers only kill Banquo and accidently letting Fleance run away, and the use of tragic flaw has an affect on the whole plot and ending of the play. To get a better understanding on who the characters are, there has been used dialogue between the three murderers. It gives the reader/viewer an inside on who has hired the three

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