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1. Is international law a law or moral code of conduct? Explain your answer with elaborated example!
Every state in this world has its own needs to be fulfilled to ensure the survival of the state and also the people of the state and will do whatever it takes to fulfill those needs. The fact is that there is no state that can fulfill its needs by only depending on the resources within the state but instead a state’s needs might be available in other states. Thus, a state has to enter a relations with other states to fulfill its needs either it is a bilateral or multilateral relations, or even regional cooperation. The relations among states are not always ideal and having no problems yet it often times turns in to conflicts. Hence, to maintain
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What is subject of international law? Mention and explain all subjects of international law with elaborated example!
The subject of international law are the persons or entities that possess the international legal personalities which means possess the rights and obligations internationally based on the legal law. There are five subjects of international law which are state, international organizations, holy throne, individual, and belligerency.
a. State as Subject of International Law
Based on the article 1 of Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States 1931, a state must have qualifications of (1) permanent population; (2) a defined territory; (3) government; and (4) capacity to enter relations with other states. States as subject of international law, based on Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States 1931, have rights and duties as follows:
a. Rights of the States
1. The rights of independence
2. The rights of
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As the subject of international law, Holy Throne is considered as a unique (sui generis) subject that has extraordinary nature within the community of the nations in the world with the mission of religious and moral order. The holy throne is also oftentimes used as the standard when it comes to the talk in international law regarding the case of humanity due to its religious status. Some are questioning about the legality of the international personality of the Holy Throne because the Holy Throne does not possess a sovereign territory yet the recognition of other states and the diplomatic exchange relations with 172 states and also actively participating in some international organizations such as the International Atomic energy Association (IAEA) and United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) pointed out that the Holy Throne possesses the legal international personality and is subjected to the international

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