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The Internet of Things in Education Industry Education is an extremely important facet to our society. It is one of the most important pillars for societal, industrial and socio-economic growth. As technology brings in new-dimensions to our livelihood, the approaches used to teach are also changing rapidly. With increased connectivity and digitalization, both efficiency and effectiveness of traditional methods are being challenged. For instance teachers are no longer dependent on blackboards and chalk pieces to explain the subject as learning/teaching is becoming more digital every passing day. These days, Students study on laptops instead of notebooks. Homework’s are done online and most of the tests are conducted online. All this transformations and yet there is so much more in store as the Internet of Things(IoT) reaches is yet to show its true potential. Internet of Things – a system in which internet-aware devices can communicate internally as well as externally has and will transform education. ABI research…show more content…
The more streamlined their operations are, the more they can spend on improving the learning process. With Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices can send the data like number of students who have attended the class, the absentees list etc. where it needs to go instantly. Costly equipment’s such as lab equipment or projectors can be equipped with radio frequency identification devices [3] (popularly known as RFID) so that their whereabouts are monitored at all times. Real-time knowledge on whereabouts of the resources means teachers no longer need to spend their time searching for these items and can instead focus on more important things like scheduling course of study and teaching. Likewise, with the conception of smart ID cards, educational institutions can track location of any student at any instance and can be automatically marked “present” when they enter into a
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