Essay On Interoperability Testing

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Interoperability Testing
Interoperability testing is used to check the functionality of the system when it gets interact with other system. Interoperability testing is concerned whether the application can be successfully interacting with the other system or not. It has nothing to do with whether the communication between the two systems is logical or not.
Let us understand this with the help of an example, suppose we have an internet banking system and internet banking system interacts with different host like CORE BANKING SYSTEM (CBS), OCIS(Customer information system), Mortgage System , Loan System , FDI (Credit card system).Now the their interaction is governed through XML .Through interoperability testing will check whether the application(internet banking) can
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Therefore, this test plays an important role in case any application/web site is required to run on different platforms with different software and hardware components. Basically we check the compatibility of the software or hardware component with other software or hardware component.
While compatibility testing verifies that the product functions as expected on a wide variety of hardware, software, and network configurations which are planned on an identified set of compatibility combinations. Compatibility testing is conducted on the application to evaluate its compatibility with the environment on which it is working.
Suppose in case of interoperability testing, if version A writes data into a database that version B can operate on the data correctly is INTEROPERABILITY or INTEGRATION testing. Because they operate on shared data the different versions of the components are in reality different components of the system. They have an interaction through shared

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