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INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT "Interpersonal conflict is a difference in attitudes." This is the simplest definition one could use to define Interpersonal conflict Now in our daily routines/work all of us have had the unfortunate experience of not hitting it off with someone, having difference of opinions and decisions, that can be in our professional work, our boss, our colleague or someone in our personal life like one’s partner, family, friends or any acquaintance. Interpersonal Conflict is somehow impossible to avoid, as well are different in some or the other way, We all have somewhat different personalities which usually results to incompatible choices and opinions in our daily lives. Apparently, it is a natural occurrence which can eventually…show more content…
The groups or individuals involved then comes into conflict to attain the most of these resources, which brings forth hostile behaviors among all those actively involved in the conflict. • Value conflict is concerned with the varied preferences and ideologies that people have as their principles, these can be very different depending upon the background of each individual and the kind of environment on has been prone to. • Power conflict occurs when the individuals involved intends to maximize the influence they have on the other groups or the society as a whole. Power Conflict is a major contributor in interpersonal conflict and can happen between any 2 individuals, groups or even between 2 nations when they share some common interests. In other types of conflict, power is also evident as it involves an asserting of influence to another. There are many other personality and attitude traits that cause interpersonal Conflicts: • Selective Perception: Sometimes there is a reason created for conflict between the involved parties because of a selective perception and this causes disturbance and the perceived meanings are very different from the attended…show more content…
Philip admitted that he had intentionally offended Pamela because he couldn 't stand her repeated aggressive outbursts towards him and her faked weakness and helplessness. As they continued to accuse one another in a subdued and indirect manner, the group leader suggested that they express their hostilities more directly while standing up. After some initial resistance, they agreed to give it a try. Pamela jumped on her feet, pulling Philip along with her, keeping a tight grip on his elbow. He tried to wrench his arm free, but feared to use all his power. This seemed to make Pamela even more angry and she looked as though she would explode with rage. The small hurts and rejections had built up within her and she needed to lash out, and in the end, to take revenge. Suddenly, she darted forward with great force, starting to push Philip back. Taken by surprise Philip lost his balance for a moment but soon started to genuinely defend himself, pushing Pamela to the floor with fervour. They continued wrestling until exhausted and when finished they looked remarkably relieved, able to smile and joke

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