Examples Of Intersectionality

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Intersectionality: The Future of Theoretical Bridges and Application The reproduction of inequality through the division of labor varies based on historical context, and the same process of exploitation occurs among other groups based upon and grouped by individual traits related to religion, race, ethnicity, and health/disability status. Like the working labor force, these individuals are part of the very same capitalist structure that purposely imposes certain restraints to reinforce conditions to ensure inequality exists based on social categories. Present examples include people with disabilities who despite legislation refused access to specific spaces, as are particular ethnic groups; limited access decreases employment (income), socialization, land ownership, and ultimate power in society (Erevelles, 2014). Gender, health, or disability status, race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality are all examples of constructed 'social ' categories that intersect to shape one 's identity (Erevelles, 2014) Fraser &Nicholson, 1991). Each category not only interacts with the others but also is associated with a predominant meaning among society, typically either negative or positive depending on the socio-political context of the time. Within this framework (referred to as intersectionality), the experience and impact of gender are mediated by such categories. The term "intersectionality" was popularized in the 1980s as a part of feminist scholarship and critical race theory that
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