Interview With Miss Havisham

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Interview with Ms. Havisham Rationale For my written task I´m gonna write an Interview with Miss Havisham from the poem `Havisham´ by Carol Ann Duffy. The poem is published in The Worlds Wife, a collection of poems by CAD in 1999. The collection takes characters, stories, histories and myths which focus on important events in history from a female perspective and in a controversial way. She look at the women that were previously obscured behind the men. Miss Havisham is a significant character in Charles Dickens novel Great expectations (1861). She is a wealthy spinster who lives in her ruined mansion with her adopted daughter, Estella. Her expectations are ruined, and she becomes an `immensely rich and grim lady´ who refuses to take off her decaying, tattered wedding gown. Dickens describes her as looking as…show more content…
Havisham: Good evening, thank you for having me here! It´s my pleasure. Yes, I had a pretty good trip. It´s good for me not be all the time there and come out of my house. Mr. Albert: That´s nice. So, tell me about yourself. Ms. Havisham: Well… there is not much to say about me.. except for the fact that I fell in love with a man called Compeyson. He left me on my wedding day and I´m waiting for him till then. He crushed all my dreams. Mr. Albert: Oh no! Tell me more about it! Ms. Havisham: Okay, so on our wedding day, while I was dressing, I received a letter from my groom and realized he had defrauded me and I had been left at the altar. Mr. Albert: That´s so mean, what did you do then? Ms. Havisham: Nothing, from that day on I was humiliated and heartbroken. I remained alone in my decaying mansion Satis house. I´m just waiting and sobbing my tears away. Mr. Albert: You were just waiting for all these years? Ms. Havisham: Exactly… for 25 years! I´m even still wearing my wedding dress, as you can see. I know it´s already yellowing and stinky but what should I do, if he would come back and I´m not wearing it, we couldn´t celebrate our
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