Invisible Disability Report

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Even with everything that has happened to show that the disabled are still capable many people still believe that they aren’t able to be independent.Many stigmas are surrounding the disabled community because of this. Those that are a part of the disabled community should be treated with more respect and more acceptance based on the past mistreatments, the stigmas of visible vs invisible disabilities, and the daily struggles they have to go through from the public's ignorance.

Throughout history the treatment of those whom are disabled has been terrible, dehumanizing, and inhumane. In the 1800’s, anyone with a disability would be treated as if they were not human. According to, “In Rome, it was not
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An invisible disability can be defined as a disability that cannot be known from looking at someone. For example on it states, “Invisible Disabilities are certain kinds of disabilities that are not immediately apparent to others.” This shows that not all disabilities are always obvious up front. A visible disability is known as disabilities that are apparent by looking at a person. This is proven on when is says “disabilities that can be objectively observed and measured by others.” Based on this, the reader can conclude that visible disabilities are different from invisible disabilities while still being just as crucial to pay attention to. There are different types of visible and invisible disabilities. Some examples can be found on when, “The inability to use legs, arms, or the body trunk effectively because of paralysis, stiffness, pain, or other impairments is common, ” is stated, and on when it states “Invisible disabilities can include chronic illnesses such as renal failure, diabetes, and sleep disorders if those diseases significantly impair normal activities of daily living.” This is important because it shows not all disabilities are visible or invisible. Not all people that are disabled have a specific marker to show they are

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