Examples Of Irony In Good People

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All three forms of irony are used in at least one of the four stories, including Good People, Hills Like White Elephants, Paste, and The Jewelry to make connections and add a greater meaning to their plots. Good People has situational and dramatic irony in its plot. Both Lane and his girlfriend, Sheri, are Christian, but Sheri is pregnant with Lane’s child. This is the first of two parts of dramatic irony in Good People. They are an unwed couple expecting a child. The second part of this iron is that they are considering having an abortion, which is very frowned upon in their religion. As for the situational irony, the story is told from a third-person perspective but mainly focuses on Lane. The reader can see Lane’s thoughts and actions but can see only Sheri’s actions. The reader finds that Lane has a larger conflict than just the abortion because they are able to look into Lane’s thoughts. Lane is afraid that he is falling away from his faith. He wants to be a good person and the only way to do so, in his mind, is to stay true to his faith. However, he has already sinned by getting is girlfriend is pregnant and considering abortion. He thinks that if he tells Sheri…show more content…
Charlotte is given a pearl necklace that used to belong to her deceased aunt. Her aunt was a poor actress and had stored her worthless jewelry all together in her closet. This is where Arthur, Charlotte’s cousin, finds the pearls, which he assumes are fake, and gifts to Charlotte. After much inquiry Charlotte finds that the pearls are not fake. The necklace is actually worth a large sum of money. This is situational irony because both Arthur and Charlotte entertain the thought of the pearls being real for a brief moment but quickly disregard the thought insisting it is worthless. Another example of irony could be verbal irony found in the name of Mrs. Guy. The prefix Mrs. indicates that the character is a female, but her name is
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