Examples Of Irony In The Black Cat

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“There the corpse stood before our eyes. It had already greatly decayed and covered with gore. On its head, with an open, red mouth, and one single eye of fire, sat the beast. It was the same horrible animal that had tricked me into murder.” In the story “The Black Cat,” by Edgar Allan Poe, the subject of the story is how you should control your perverseness. In the story, the narrator struggles with insanity and alcoholism leading him to do bad things to his loved ones. An example of this, would be when he cuts out his cat's eye, due to perverseness. The 3 literary devices that help support the theme of the story are Symbolism, Metaphor, and Irony. These help to add detail to the story by giving it another added perspective to look at and…show more content…
The reason why Irony is relevant to the thesis statement is because it offers a perspective on how much something had changed the narrator's life. In paragraph 5, it states, “I was fond of animals.” But in the story, the narrator can be found abusing and then killing his cat Pluto. The topic sentence is true because it shows that the narrator has gone through some odd changes in his life that had caused him to not have the same personality as he did before. The textual evidence shows that he had liked animals when he was a kid, but now perverseness has changed him and made him do things he wouldn't do in the right state of mind. In paragraph 5, it states, “I was fond of animals.” But in the story, the narrator can be found killing and abusing cats even though it contradicts the previous life of the narrator and shows perverseness taking the wheel. During this point of the story, the stories characters are barely being introduced and nothing has really taken off yet. The textual evidence shows that when he had been a kid, he had not disliked cats, in fact he liked them, but now he's found cutting his cat's eye out and abusing him. This is important becuase someone who likes animals would never think of doing some of the things he has done to his cat. This supports the thesis because it shows how much alcohol and other outside influences have affected the narrator's life, causing him to lose sight of his former self. This influence has caused his perverseness to take over, making him do things he would normally never want to do. This is important because, it shows that the narrator has changed a lot due to perverseness and that's why he did these actions. Alcohol could have also been one of the outside influences that had caused the narrator to let the perverseness take him over. In the end, the alcohol is supposed to be one of the outside causes of his perverseness taking him over, because in the story it shows
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