Examples Of Irony In The City Of Ember

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Irony occurs throughout the novel, The City of Ember. An example of this is when Lina and Doon discover the Mayor’s secret: “The mayor has a secret treasure room in the Pipeworks”(158). Lina is a messenger and gave a message from looper to the Mayor that was odd. It said, “Delivery at eight. From Looper”(31).Doon not long after finding a secluded door in the pipeworks. It was locked of course but when he showed it to Lina they saw a person come out of it. The irony in this is that the Mayor is supposed to be saving Ember, instead he’s stealing from it. He was expected to provide protection, security, and reassurance to the citizens of Ember. He was egotistical, greedy,and vain. The mayor made the people suffer, neglected to tell them about
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