Examples Of Irony In The Life Of David

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One of the ironic events that happened in David’s life was when his daughter Lucy gets raped by a group of men (). Even though both of this situations happen to have different circumstances this is still an ironic event in David’s life. David previously had a relationship with one of his former students named Melanie Isaacs who he technically rapes, because he forces himself into her house and she did not give him her consent before they had sex. Which is shown here, ”she is too surprised to resist the intruder who thrust himself upon her{…} no not now she says struggling”.(24-25) Since David had raped Melanie Isaac it was an unfortunate situation to have the same thing happen to his own daughter Lucy. Especially since David believed he did…show more content…
For example in the being of the novel when Melanie Isaacs boyfriend confronts David for taking advantage of Melanie and comes to class to antagonize him, “On Monday she reappears in class; and beside her, leaning back in his seat hands in his pocket, with an air of cocky ease, is the boy in the black, the boyfriend”. (31) This is ironic because David does this too after Lucy’s rape when he sees one of the intruders at Petrus party. David wanted the person to see him and everything that he has done and to let them know that is everything that he has down to his family will not go unknown which is shown in this quote, “He looks around. The boy is standing nearby, just inside the door. The boy’s eyes flit nervously across him. Other eyes turn toward him too: toward the stranger, the odd one out. The man with the medal frowns, falters for a moment, raises his voice. As for him, he does not mind the attention. Let them know I am still here, he thinks, Let them know I am not skulking in the big house. And if that spoils their get-together, so be it. He lifts a hand to his white skullcap. For the first time he is glad to have it, to wear it as his
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