Examples Of Irony In Today's Society

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The Irony of Today’s Society If I told you that I didn’t like you, would it bother you one way or another? The range of answers to this question could differ significantly, depending on who you ask it to. However, you could get a sense of knowing what type of person you’re dealing with if people answer this question without looking at the bigger picture. We live in a society where people care about whether they are liked, accepted, or what they could do to fit in with the people around them. People have abandoned their self acceptance, their pride, and their morals to live a life that’s not set on their on terms but rather set by what society wants them to abide by. I would rather be respected than liked. That’s a motto that is great to live…show more content…
However, many people think that with approval respect follows, and that’s not how it turns out in many cases. Society has made people believe that by being materialistic or by trying to compete with one another approval will eventually come. Even though this is what people may think, they sometimes forget that by trying to accomplish something they’re not, respect is lost tremendously in the process. I have never been the type to take offense or worry about what people have to say about me because I’ve always put myself and what matters first, you can call it selfish, but that’s how things get accomplished. Whether it has been helping those who are less fortunate, successfully accomplishing an educational goal, or just by being accepted for who I am, it has brought me self acceptance. Regardless of what people may say, if I was to lose track of who I really am and what I’m aiming for in my own life, then I’d completely lose my identity and that’s something that is priceless. If you set out your goals and accomplish them, you don’t have to look for acceptance from others; your accomplishments will speak for themselves and with them respect will
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