Examples Of Ishmael's Childhood In A Long Way Gone

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Every person has some sort of memory of their childhood. People can think of their childhood as good or as bad. In the book A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, Ishmael wrote about his experience as a child in civil war and how his childhood was sacrificed to survive. Ishmael’s childhood was not the best childhood anyone can have. His childhood was full of murder and corruption. It caused Ishmael to become violent and unstable. A childhood without innocence can be a terrible time. Ishmael’s childhood was the civil war of his country. Although experience in war is different for everyone, being in war with the same circumstances as Ishmael would be similar because separating from family causes emotional instability and it would be different because Ishmael has a healthy body.
Family gives everyone the love and support needed to have more meaning in life. Every family does not have to be connected by blood. Family can be created by caring strongly for one another. Ishmael Beah had a big family that consisted of his birth parents, two brothers and his friend Talloi. During the war, Ishmael was separated from his family. Ishmael was constantly worried for his family because he can only think of horrible things …show more content…

Ishmael may have been physically strong, but he was mentally weak. Due to a lot of murder and corruption in war, Ishmael has become vulnerable and violent. The slightest uncomfortable situation makes Ishmael feel cornered and use violence as a defense. The book A Long Way Gone shows that war has a strong psychological effect on people involved. When people experience so many hardships on their own, their mentality gradually becomes weaker from having to believe that it is normal to depend only on

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