Examples Of Isolation In The Lady Of Shalott

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Society and Isolation Society has changed tremendously throughout the years, but in some ways is still the same. We tend to look back in time to find a way to help people face their problems; we feel we know what’s best in certain situations based on our history. This is where the topic isolation comes about. Our society feels we can solve anything until a person becomes stuck in a state where they feel lonely but no one seems to notice. In the short story “The Lady of Shalott,” the woman was willing to lose her life just to escape being isolated and having a chance at finding her first love. Sadly, her life ended and she never got to experience the joy of happiness. Being socially isolated can make a person want to shorten their life or loneliness could cause a shorter life span itself. Social isolation causes a greater risk of death because of the lack of simply being socially interactive. “Social contact itself also may have specific biological maintenance.” (Szalavitz) Being isolated affects one’s health and may cause death due to the lack of affection or loving another person. Most people who are isolated are forced into being in a state in which they…show more content…
In the story “The Lady of Shalott,” the woman felt sad because she was isolated and locked in a tower. The woman had been locked in a tower just about all of her life, no one had ever seen her and she couldn’t look to see them. The Lady of Shalott was affected by a curse which forced her into isolation. People who are isolated are encouraged to socially interact with others, but with The Lady of Shalott, it was different. The curse that was upon her affected her ability to look at people, if she were to look at another she would be punished but her punishment was unknown. The woman had yet to find her first love. The lack of affection took a toll on her. Although you don’t need love to find happiness, it could be a way to escape
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