Examples Of Isolation In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Have you ever had that feeling of being so trapped and alone that it hurts and you can’t escape it? Loneliness and isolation is a way of feeling a person might accrue or feel.The examples of the characters provide are strongly and are parts of the characters life there currently going there.The book To Kill a Mockingbird depicts a great deal of loneliness and isolation.The characters used as the examples are Boo Radley, Charles Baker, and Tom Robinson.The author Harper Lee provides some of the characters with loneliness and isolation that makes them different from people in Maycomb.

One example of a person who is lonely and isolated which makes them different is Boo Radley. Boo Radley is whom to be a horrible person due to the rumors that
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Dill is a smart boy who visits Maycomb every summer from Meridian, Mississippi, which he stays up there with his aunt Rachel.Dill is Scouts and Jem closest friend and is pretty much family to them.Dill is connected by isolation and loneliness is by when he runs away from his parents. Dill runs away from home because his parents didn't involve him anything spend time or show they loved him. Dill runs away to Atticus house. Dill felt like he was locked in and felt that nobody loved him and he said “I felt the starched walls of a pink cotton penitentiary closing in on me, and for the second time in my life I thought of running away. Immediately”(Dill 182).The meaning of this quote is describing the feeling Dill has against his family. Dill is connected because of his isolation and loneliness of being separated from his…show more content…
Tom is disconnected from the people of the court because of the skin color, and make him have less advantage of power of the the court.Tom is sentenced to prison for being accused of raping Mayella.He is sentenced for a period of time and tries to escape by jumping over the fence but gets shot 17 times and dies.Tom is connected to loneliness because of the way he feels about being in jail.”Enfield Prison Farm, seventy miles away in Chester County. I asked Atticus if Tom's wife and children were allowed to visit him, but Atticus said no”.The quote describes how lonely and isolated Tom feels because his own family can’t even see him. (Jem 217) Tom is a very good man and is involved with his community but gets accused of a rape case and serves time and dies for something he simply didn't
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