Examples Of Isolationism And Imperialism

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Sheung Hon Lee
Professors Morten Oxenboell
4th Dec, 2015

Final Paper: Isolation and Imperialism
The Unattached of Qing China in by Western

During the 19th and early 20th century, the idea od isolation and imperialism has contributed key role of the East Asian history.

Imperialism is a political advocate or practice that the main matters of the acquisition of territory by a country and enslave other countries, people in the occupied territories of the country, the establishment of economic and political hegemony, while above the other countries. Imperialism might derivative colonialism, militarism and fascism. With a derogatory term imperialism. Imperialism is generally regarded as negative, because in occupied
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It usually consisting of both defense and economic policies in the country self best interest. On defensive side, isolationism take non-interference principle associate with war, but except in self-defense, other than that is not actively involved in any external military conflict. On the economy and culture side, which restrict trade and cultural exchanges with foreign countries through legislation the maximum extent. Often boycott and lockdown of the country are some examples of isolationism.

Qing Dynasty Isolationism

Beginning of the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, the Qing government to prohibit forces and cut off the southeast coast of entrenched anti-Taiwan ties with Zheng ChengGong unit to consolidate the rule of the new dynasty, and had five promulgated ban on the sea and prohibiting people sea trade. The Qing Emperor Kangxi official request to reopen the southeast coast, stopping early Qing Boycott (HaiJin) policy. But Kangxi open Boycott (HaiJin) is limited, and the biggest limitation is not allowed to trade with and Western nation. This is an example of Qing Dynasty with its isolationism.

Territory Craved by the Western
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However, in 1912, before the establishment of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen led the revolutionaries, the weak and miserable Chinese bullying by foreign powers, the problem was blamed on the Qing Dynasty, foreign powers tried to seek support for the Chinese national revolution on Foreign Relations, and brought to the revolutionary party to overthrow the Qing Dynasty.
In 1924, in a speech on the Three People 's Principles for further more detailed discussion of imperialism put forward, that Imperialism is the political force to conquer other nations in the form of political is "force" and "diplomacy." Before Western forces did not enter East Asia, East Asia, China is the only imperialist countries.
Economic power of the 20th century imperialism counseling practice in the original basis of political power, through the "economic power" implicit aggression. In China, through the signing of unequal treaties with the bank powers to obtain tariff advantages for Chinese economic invasion force.

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