Examples Of Isolationism In One's A Heifer

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Similar to Ann, in the “One’s A Heifer” Arthur Vickers is an isolated character by setting, personal relationships and free time activities. Firstly, Vickers’ isolation starts with his home. His house is littered with intimidating objects such as a grindstone, dry animal skins, guns, weapons and an owl with a broken wing. The sight of his household, creates an active feeling of isolation; due to the fact no one wants to be in his house. Vickers’ home socially isolates him: “You get careless living alone like this” (Ross 420). Vickers is noticeably alienated by his house. He does not put an effort into cleaning up because no one ever comes to visit him. Secondly, Vickers proves his isolation by pushing away a girl who used to live with him.
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