Examples Of Jealousy In The Lady Or The Tiger

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Jack Haney
Mrs. Veitch
Period 2

Death, Or Jealousy? What if hundreds of years ago, someone important had a choice- an extremely important one. That someone has a loved one in trouble, but that someone needs to use that choice. That someone must choose to send the most important person in their life to an instant, gory death, or instead they can send them to someone else that someone despised instead, forever. That someone either way, had a terrible choice, and there is no way to get out of it. Well, that 's exactly the situation in Frank R. Stockton 's “The Lady, Or The Tiger?” In the story, a Princess is caught with her lover, strictly against the rules of her harsh Dad, the King. As a punishment, the lover is send to the public arena, in which there are 2 doors. The passionate and Barbaric Princess must choose the fate of her lover, as behind the two doors lies a tiger, instantly mauling her lover, and the lady, who the Princess despises. If the lady is chosen, the Jealousy of the Princess will occur when the Lover is instantly married to the woman as the lady steals her lover forever. The book explains her struggle to decide which door, but in the end, the short story leaves the reader with a choice: the Tiger, or the Lady? Clearly, the Princess would choose the door concealing the Tiger because She would rather experience a quick, agonising pain rather than pain forever seeing her lover with
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