Examples Of Jim Crow Bullying Essay

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Bullying Essay Bullying is definitely prominent and for sure exists to this day. It is based on the color of your skin, and still are stopped based on what they look like rather than what they are doing. I personally have never been stopped but, i know that it exists and i know how i would react. I would be very calm and show the person who stopped me that there is no reason for profiling me, because getting angry and being difficult only makes things worse. I feel that there is no escape from racial profiling especially in these tense times. Bob Herbert’s article, “Jim Crow Policing” Publishes in the New York Times on February 2, 2010, states that “The New York City Police Department needs to be restrained”, and I believe that his evidence shows this to be true. The author goes on showing statistic after statistic about the type of people that are stopped by the NYPD and more importantly their nationality. Bob Herbert is not writing this article to bash the NYPD, but to educate the people of America that although we may think racism and humiliation is gone, in New York it is still very prevalent. By appealing to your sense of logic with the statistic that “contraband, which usually means drugs, was found in only 1.6 percent of stops on black New Yorkers, 1.5 percent of Hispanics, but white New Yorkers stopped far less frequently were found with 2.2 percent of contraband on stops.” the evidence is undeniable. Culturally as a
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