Examples Of Joseph Campbell And The Hero's Journey

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by:Alejandra Lora Morales 7A
Teacher: Alvaro Herrera The hero 's journey
What is it?
The hero 's journey is every step a hero must follow to succeed becoming a hero or defeat becoming a normal person , there are many studies about this monomyth but joseph campbell has the basic one and the one we understand more.there are some steps or stages that the hero must follow to do the hero 's journey. First stage is called Departure and it is the start of the journey when hero are in the ordinary world and they feel that they need to do something new. Second stage is called initiation is when the hero leaves the ordinary world to enter to special world to face challenges,monsters ,creatures ect..The last stage is the return is when the hero end her journey and returns to the ordinary world or he continues her or his journey and sometimes he or she defeat and die.

EXAMPLE OF HERO’S JOURNEY IN a cartoon: Joseph campbell and the hero’s journey.

The (monomyth,) or unique myth, also known as travel or, better, due to its connotations, the hero 's journey, is a term coined by the American anthropologist and mythologist Joseph Campbell to define the basic model of many epic tales of all the world. This widely distributed pattern is described by Campbell in his well-known work The Hero of a Thousand Faces (1949), a great admirer of
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