Examples Of Judgement In The Crucible

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Society today is really judgemental. If you don’t wear the right clothes or have the right car then you will get judged. It’s kinda like in the book The Crucible if you weren't a puritan then you were an outcast or you might have been a witch. One of the puritan girls Abigail Williams blamed a lot of women who were called puritans and lived the puritan way. In this case people just judged them without looking into far more research. So once Abigail said they were witches they had to be killed for their wrong doing.
It’s also like in The Scarlet Letter when people found out that Hester Prynne has been “fooling” around with another married man. If they both loved each other then they shouldn’t care what society says about them. Even tho she had a husband everyone thought he was dead so it’s not like she said “I'm going to cheat on my husband
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The old saying is don’t judge a book by it’s cover and I think that is a lesson that we all should know. Society sucks nowadays because if you don’t have the right clothes or the right car or the right amount of money then you are an outcast. Well let me tell you it is okay to be an outcast. If you want to be like Hester Prynne then go for it. If you want to be like one of the girls from the Crucible then do it. The main point of this paper is don’t let people judge you if they don’t know you. Be you. When someone tells you that you don’t matter to society don’t listen to them. They just are jealous because you might be better at something than they are. The other point of this paper is how society changes you. If you are rich and you don’t look like it you wear off brand clothes then society will change you when you get with the right group. If you stay with the group of friends that you have been with then you will be fine. If you want to let society change you then go ahead but always remember if you judge someone without getting to know them then you are dead to
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