Examples Of Justice In The Odyssey

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In our country today we have a Judicial Court System in place, and a democratic government. The Judicial Court System is an adversarial system of justice; it interprets and enforces the federal laws of our country. In The Odyssey, Homer displayed that justice was ruthless and that the main gods assisted in carrying out the consequences of good and evil to those who deserved it. The Odyssey demonstrated that justice was cruel and that the main gods, such as Zeus, helped carry out the punishments to the bad and the rewards to the good by telling how Aegisthus was killed, what the Phaeacians and suitors consequences were, and Odysseus’ final destination. Homer displayed in The Odyssey that everyone was punished and rewarded depending upon their actions. For that reason, if someone does good then they would eventually be rewarded, and if someone does wrong then they would eventually be punished. This quote here refers to when Zeus and the other gods talked about how the mortals accused the…show more content…
Throughout The Odyssey justice was particularly harsh; the gods punished the people on Earth whichever way they pleased. For instance, when Poseidon reprimanded the Phaeacians for sending Odysseus home he said, “They will learn at last to cease and desist from escorting every man alive – I’ll pile a huge mountain round about their port!”(13, 171-173). Although the Phaeacians were being kind and generous to Odysseus by directing him home to Ithaca, the Phaeacians went against the god’s outlook, specifically Poseidon’s, on how Odysseus should be treated. That resulted in them being punished in a cruel way, even though they were only striving to help Odysseus. Poseidon had a strong resentment towards Odysseus for blinding his son, Polyphemus, and it was likely that this was why the Phaeacians’ punishment was uncalled
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