Examples Of Juvenile Justice Essay

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Juvenile Justice Teenagers accused of violent, heinous crimes should be tried as adults. All teens know that killing is wrong yet they do it anyway and get away with a light sentence because of their age. In the article “Young killers serving life without parole may get chance at freedom” by Richard A Serrano stated “Adolescents, because of their immaturity, should not be deemed as culpable as adults but they are also not innocent children whose crimes should be excused.” Some people may argue that teens do not know what they are doing when they commit a heinous crime and are too young to know what is right or wong. If a teen gets away with a violent crime they will think it’s okay and do it again because they did not get punished for it. In the article “On Punishment and Teen killers” by Jennifer Jenkins, a teengaer murdered a pregnant women and her husband in 1990. As the excuse for the teenager who murdered the couple, he just wanted to “see what it would feel like to shoot someone.” People want to minimize these offenders culpability simply because of his age. If he committed a adult crime he should face the time as an adult. When a minor commits a crime that would be consider for a serious crime that an adult would do, the minor…show more content…
Thomas A. Preciado was fourteen when he stabbed to death a minimart clerk. Marjie Lundstrom stated “We’ve created this image that teenagers are something to be feared” many teens have killed people, many lives are lost. In conclusion, a minor who commits a crime should be tried as an adult. Taking the life of another human is a serious crime and should be dealt with an adult manor. If there were stricter law for minors, they would not even think about committing such a serious crime. Everyone who commits a heinous crime should get equally
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