Examples Of Juxtaposition In On Compassion

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Ascher’s juxtaposition between Compassion & Fear
Barbara Lazear Ascher, in “On Compassion” Gave two scenarios in which a woman gave a homeless man money when he had stared down the lady and her baby, questioning whether the offering was out of fear or compassion. Ascher then gives another scenario where a homeless man walks into a bread shop silently inside the shop. Moments later a french woman walks out of the kitchen with a hot cup a coffee and food to give to him. Ascher then questioned if the french woman gave the man food out of her heart or she just wanted him out. Out of fear of disturbing her customers and losing sales. Both scenarios given can be questioned if the act of these women were compassion or simply fear. Compassion is more than just and action, it is a collection of human instincts keeping people human.
The woman in the first scenario indicates that she is fearful of the man walking towards her. Combing through her belongings to find the item she was looking for. Ascher narrating says, “The mother removes her purse from her shoulder and rummages through its contents: lipstick, a lace handkerchief, and address book. She finds what she’s looking for and passes a folded dollar over her child's head to the man who stands and stares…”(41). The man does not respond the offer the woman had given him(41), perhaps not knowing what
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Sending him on his way after receiving food and beverage. Ascher again questions the motive of the woman stating, “What compels this woman to feed this man? Pity? Care? Compassion? Or does she simply want to get rid of her shop of his troublesome presence.”(41) The motive for why this woman fed the man is debatable but in the end the question is why. Why did the woman feed the man? Maybe it was not even either one of those motives. Maybe it was just how she was raised. Raised to always give and not expect anything in
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