Examples Of Juxtaposition In The Simpsons

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• The Simpsons is a Juxtaposition as for so long they have been the alternative and now they couldn’t be any closer to being mainstream and part of the popular culture – This connects to Bart’s character by showing the progression on ‘The Simpsons’ and how it was the anti-culture just like Bart but as time passes on it is perfectly in line with the mainstream.
• Watching with The Simpsons by Jonathon Gray.
• “Krusty changes his act to ranting against capitalism. He is soon wooed back to his old ways by sponsorship offers and selling out” PG 83 (AW) – Only for so long can a character or a series keep to it’s roots until it has to think about the ratings rather than it having fun anymore. Bart continues to do what he does as it only pleases him, which in turn is what he wants.

“The Show revels in High Culture”. Pg 114 (TSP) – When creating the jokes for ‘The Simpsons’ Matt works in both simple jokes like the occasional ‘D’oh’ and then high culture jokes or references such as Alfred Hitchcock. This allows ‘The Simpsons’ to maintain its high culture side while also dwelling in the common area.
Intertextuality – “to what degree a text…can exist outside of itself as physical object and live through other texts pg26 (The Simpsons parody) – With Bart continuing to be the anti-culture against the stream of mainstream ‘The Simpsons’ as a whole has gone through so many different cultures in the real world showing that it can leave itself within in any culture in any country. Growing

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