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Juxtaposition of Unwind
Writing is a complex thing, often difficult for some. Often times, authors write hundreds of thousands of words in their lifetime, forming them together to intriguing stories. Neal Shusterman has written countless award-winning novels, all entrancing stories keeping the reader entertained. But where do the great authors get their ideas from? Neal Shusterman used the countless events of his lifetime to come up with some of the main ideas in Unwind, as seen with the heartland war, the civil rights of the characters in the novel, and the living conditions some characters had growing up.
One of the main ideas in Unwind is the heartland war. When reading this book, time and time again the heartland war comes up. Clearly
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The whole main concept of the book Unwind is the rights of people. There even was a second civil war over it. The whole book is about the rights of the people being unwound. Unwinding is the concept of unwanted kids being sent off to a camp to be “unwound” or having their body parts harvested, “The harvesting of Unwinds is a secret medical ritual that stays within the walls of each harvesting clinic in the nation. In this way, it is not unlike death itself.”(Shusterman pt.6). The main characters are unwinds themselves trying to keep their lives, running from the law trying to make it to 18, the legal age when they can no longer be unwound. Much like in Unwind, there were people struggling for their rights in the U.S. during the 1960’s. Discrimination was the biggest topic of the time. It was a large part of Shusterman 's life growing up in New York. At the time if someone was colored they were automatically discriminated against. Things such as bathrooms or water fountains for African Americans or having to sit at the back of a bus. The world was still largely populated with racists and those who discriminated against others based on a variety of things. Neal Shusterman, being black skinned, more than likely experienced this discrimination first hand. Thus discrimination and civil rights for people being a key part of his novel Unwind. A big landmark for those discriminated against was the civil rights act of 1964. As seen in a study “The Civil Rights Act of 1964...Prohibits discrimination on the basis of race. Color, religion, sex, or national origin in voting.”(The Civil Rights Act of 1964: a long struggle for freedom exhibit 1) This more than likely can be directly related to the bill of life which was the main idea in
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