Why Did The Right Thing In Walking Away

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SUNFLOWER ROUGH DRAFT Imagine you in a concentration camp being a prisoner and the amount of food you receive is little to none. Where the bed you sleep on is harder than a rock and the clothes you go to sleep in is the same clothes that you wore while working. Where you have to witness families being torn apart and you can not do anything about it. Well in the book The Sunflower that how it happened to the jews but apart from that there was a decision that had to be made. Simon a jew prisoner was begged for forgivenes by a SS soldier. Karl the SS soldier begged Simon for forgiveness as he killed a lot of jews. Simon decided that walking away was the right thing to do and I agree. I would have done the same as Simon due to the fact that mass murder can not be forgiven. Was that the correct way…show more content…
I believe that Simon did the right thing in walking away from Karl. I believe that karma exist and if you act heartless then it will come back to you. Like how it happened to Karl he acted heartless towards the jews and didn 't care or acted like he didn 't care about the jews lives. Then when he was dying and asking for Simons forgiveness Simon walked away acting heartless towards Karl and i see that as karma. Karl made a huge mistake therefore he does not deserve forgiveness. Put yourself in Simon’s shoes and think about it. Would you have done things differently? What if someone killed one of you relatives? Or a friend? Would you forgive someone for that? Do you even believe that something like that can be forgiven. Is forgiving always the right to do? For example, when you are being treated below a human being and animals are being treated with more respect than yourself. In my opinion i forgiven due to the damage that he did to the jews. The question is did simon do the right thing in just walking away or would it have been better
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