Examples Of Katniss Sacrifice In The Hunger Games

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Prompt 2 - Sacrifice - The Hunger Games An instant classic, the Hunger Games is the ultimate novel of sacrifice, consisting of Katniss Everdeen volunteering herself over her younger sister, primrose, to participate in the Hunger Games. For one to do such a noble act, shows the readers what kind of character Katniss is - not a coward, but a brave young women who is set out to save her sister and fight for her district. The sacrifice is a big one too, for the chances of her dieing during the Games are very likely and she knows that, however she doesn’t let that get to her. Her sacrifice goes far beyond her sister though, as she pays an even bigger price for she doesn't die but has to go through a life of giving up everything she has worked for to her District, the people she fought, and her family. Before she even volunteered to be in the Hunger Games, she had to take care of her family, consisting of her mother and younger daughter. And as a poor district, life was not easy for her or her family, though she made the best of it by spending time with best friend Gale and hunting with her bow, one thing she was very good at. Once Primrose was selected as the female participant for the 13th district, Katniss was not hesitant to give up her own life for her beloved…show more content…
We can be certain about this as she boldly volunteered for the games, and used that boldness to ultimately survive. It’s not that she won the hunger games, but what she did and how she won that really provided the book with further meaning about her character, which equipped the book with actions of love, heroism, sadness, excitement, violence - essentially many mixed emotions that made the book intriguing and exhilarating. Boldness, loving, providing, strong-willed; all qualities of Katniss that were evident by her sacrifices and actions, which in turn allowed her to succeed in the

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