Examples Of Kindness In The Great Gatsby

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In our world it is hard to indicate whether it is genuine when an individual is treated in a kind matter or being deceived in order to get exploited for something in one’s possession. It is quite unfortunate that in this world, homo sapiens use a gift such as kindness in order to deceive and get whatever they desire, instead of being genuinely kind to one another. A person should not have to doubt the truthfulness behind someone’s kindness towards them. The readers of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby experience this false goodness and deception, through the false belief that Jay Gatsby is a kind hearted soul, with a pure and white soul; Contrary to that false belief, Gatsby is in truth, foolish, pathetic and a man who repeatedly sin and prove he is not …show more content…

Fitzgerald attempts to make Gatsby appear as a compassionate and humble man who cares for everyone but fails at doing so by showing his many flaws and actions that go against the very idea of him being a compassionate man. At first, Gatsby appears to be perhaps the only compassionate man in the book and maybe even comparable to Christ. You see him opening his home to everyone, and taking people in and being kind hearted to everyone he encounters but later the reader begins to discover that everything Gatsby does, has an ulterior motive. For example, his kindness to Nick first appears to be just him being kind to his neighbour, however the reader later realises that the only purpose in Gatsby’s kindness towards Nick was to get him to assist him come in to contact with Daisy and be reintroduced to her. “I’m going to make a big request of you to-day” (Fitzgerald 52). A man representing Christ or even showing Christ like characteristics would never stoop to the grounds of using a friend in order to achieve your own vindictive and selfish desires. Gatsby uses kindness and friendship for the sole purpose

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