Examples Of Kindness In The Odyssey

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Kindness is in everyone
Kindness is like a chocolate chip cookie, it is always nice to have. Kindness can be a little as holding the elevator door open to something as big as donating a kidney. Kindness can be seen as many different things or acts, but it is simply being generous without wanting anything in return. This is not to be confused with being a doormat or being someone who is easily used to your expense. There is kindness everywhere around us. For example, in “The Odyssey” by Homer. The great goddess Athena helped poor Odysseus when he needed it most. Odysseus was being enslaved on the island of Calypso. Athena told Zeus to tell Hermes to tell Calypso to let Odysseus be free. Athena didn’t have to do that, but she did out of the
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Joseph High School, goes above and beyond almost everyday. She helps her peers with their work when they don’t understand completely. She doesn’t have to help these other students, she could focus on herself. Grace also donates her time and effort into Key Club, where she volunteers at hospice making blankets for the elderly. Grace is a great example that you don’t have to give tons of money or be famous to make a difference, just do what you can.
Another great example of people showing kindness is Kindness-Care Home Health. They will accept any kind of medicare and help you through your older years. Based on what I learned from their website, Kindness-Care Home Health helps with nursing, rehabilitation, personal care, and placement in retirement homes. This is really a great service of kindness because not everyone can do all of this on their own, especially in their older years.
Even the littlest things can show kindness. From pulling over on the side of the road or helping a classmate to raising 40million dollars, kindness is everywhere. Showing kindness is possible by anyone, it’s just being generous without wanting anything in return. Not to be confused with being a doormat or being someone who is easily used to anyone's expense. In conclusion kindness is
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