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Problems and Solutions for Language Barriers? Impatience, misunderstandings, feelings of frustrations and a sense of inability, are daily conflicts inside non-native English speakers trying to communicate with native English speakers. What happens and how can people overcome and succeed in their cross-cultural communication? In “Barriers”, Rolando Niella, who works in the fashion and textile industry, tells about his frustrations and complex feelings when facing with language barriers in daily conversation, such as speed and accent, meaning of words, non-verbal language barrier. Additionally, these obstacles also give him some negative attitudes and reactions in regard to his daily conversation with people. I totally sympathize with Niella’s awkward and frustrated feelings when facing with these language barriers, but I do not go along with his negative reaction against these barriers. In fact, I understand why Niella feels frustrated because of the speed and accent barrier in daily conversation. Obviously, there are some native speakers talk very fast, and…show more content…
Niella says he gets angry and frustrated, then isolates himself and gives up his intentions to get through the language barriers (14). Moreover, he also says, “In everyday conversation, it is also very annoying to pay so much attention to things that should be automatic and to give as much thought to almost every word I and the other person are using” (15). It seems that he’s annoyed to uncover unfamiliar things and gives up the language obstacles and challenges easily. This is an unacceptable idea not only for any persons who are still learning English as a second language but also for any cases. Certainly, in most of cases, if we are impatient, we won’t overcome any difficulties as well as we can’t be successful. Therefore, we should not have any negative attitudes or reactions in any

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