Essay On Law Enforcement

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The Unwanted Heroes Whenever someone is in a dangerous situation, sees a crime committed, or a kidnapping happens, the American Law Enforcement is immediately involved or contacted. According to an article on Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement is a government’s means for maintaining law and order, and for providing safety to the citizens. Police, although they are not wanted or liked by most citizens, are necessary for stopping people from doing illegal jobs. They provide safety by putting people, who break the law, in jail or giving them a fine. Law Enforcement is a specific group of people trained to enforce legislative and penal laws, which are meant for keeping order, and providing safety for citizens and property. According to an article on law enforcement careers, a law enforcement officer provides safety to the citizens by enforcing the rules of legislation. In order to provide safety, a law enforcement officer regularly arrests people who break the law, and brings them into a system where they undergo a fair trial to determine whether the accused person is guilty or not. Ordinarily, those are the main duties, but law enforcement covers even more than protection. They handle with critical jobs, which do anything from patrolling borders to investigating crime scenes. There are multiple…show more content…
They keep dangerous people off the street, and keep dangerous drivers off the roads. The education and training necessary for being a police officer or any branch for Law Enforcement, although tedious is required and helpful for further advancement in the career. Each day spent in Law enforcement, although boring or dangerous, does provide protection to citizens, and, through their enforcement, maintains order among the citizens. Law Enforcement, although not respected by all, will do their job of protecting the people, and will do it without error through the hate of most
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