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My leadership in nursing is grounded in the knowledge of the needs of patients; knowledge of skills, individual characteristics and needs of the staff employees; and objectives implemented by the group. The strongest feature of is the stimulation of motivation for each employee to develop their potential, and to take care of a particular patient where the employee recognises that he was considered the best qualified who provided with a service that meets his needs .
My leadership in nursing allows me to implement the actions with a view to achieving higher levels of efficiency in care in health and nursing, while in the professional practice law and the code of ethics I find support for the development of process of nursing leadership. According
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I am a responsible coordination of the nursing team and a vital and integral part of the team. The nurses in the emergency units combine theoretical and scientific basis (essential) to leadership, work, judgment, initiative, ability education, maturity and emotional stability. "Therefore, the constant updating of these professionals is necessary; therefore develop with the medical staff and nursing skills so they can act in unexpected situations objectively and the synchronic manner in which they are…show more content…
The analytical results of nursing leadership in the teaching hospital showed that there was predominance of instrumental leadership characteristics of nurses, ie, professionals were oriented to the achievement of objectives, definition of roles and responsibilities, creating control systems and reward the work of the hospital. When reporting these studies I can say that the neuromuscular ward nurses, exercise leadership effectively these professionals need to find ways to make the management of nursing care see the real needs of patient, combining organisational goals with the objectives of the nursing staff. In short, the nurse needs to understand the process to lead and develop the necessary skills; among them, this also emphasises communication, interpersonal, decision making and clinical skills and applies them in their professional

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