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The Legalization of Prostitution in America Prostitution is considered to be “the oldest profession”, and it is undeniable that it has always existed and will exist. However, in most communities prostitution is not only illegal, but also viewed as “immoral” profession. But this does not mean that there are no politicians and ordinary citizens in America, who claim that prostitution should be legal, or at least decriminalized. Actually, some European countries and even the US states have already legalized sex work, arguing, that such strategy can provide definite benefits both for sex workers and the state itself. The question is if other states should follow their examples and legalize
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The first argument against legalization of prostitution is that it does not give any serious benefits to women involved to this industry, but provides a lot of advantages for pimps, traffickers and the whole sex industry at large. Moreover, legalization just converts pimps into businessmen, and brothels into legitimate venues. Consequently, such kind of sanctioning all the parties involved to sex industries gives them the other names, but do not guarantee some real, factual changes. Some experts consider that in this case decriminalization is the best strategy, but it should be an advantage for women, who, no matter which way you look at it, are entitled to exploit their own bodies as they want. However, they also claim that pimps, customers and other people involved must be punished, as only such kind of strategy can restrain the growth of demand and supply in sex…show more content…
According to them, various establishments do not protect the women, no matter if they are legal or illegal (Raymond, Janice G.). Moreover, the women state that they suffer from violence from so-called “businessmen” controlling them and their customers. Besides, one cannot deny the common fact – any industry works to attract and protect the clients, and that is any entrepreneur’s primary goal. Unfortunately, the sex industry does not seem to be an exception of this rule, and the women are playing secondary role in its
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