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Liberal Feminism Essay
Is it possible for a group to seek equality, while simultaneously marginalizing another? In my opinion, it would be hypocritical for one to seek equality but not for everyone or to everyone. Liberal feminism seeks to achieve equality within all aspects of society, but specifically in the areas of education, voting and employment. Throughout this essay, I will be referencing literary works from three liberal feminist theorists. These liberal feminist theorists are Mary Wollstonecraft, Susan B. Anthony, and Betty Friedan. Each of the above three women played a prominent role in shaping what we now know today as liberal feminism. However, although these women were strong supporters for women’s equality to men, they did not
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Unlike the majority of women during this time, Friedan loathed the cult of domesticity and instead, believed that women should be apart of the workforce. Once the cult of domesticity began, it was almost as if women reverted back to the ideals of the time of Wollstonecraft. Marriage was, once again, becoming the focus of every woman’s life and education was no longer needed, nor valued. According to Friedan, “in the fifteen years after World War II, this mystique of feminine fulfillment became the cherished and self-perpetuating core of contemporary American culture” and “women who had once wanted careers were now making careers out of having babies” (Friedan, 2015, Pg.…show more content…
Wollstonecraft proved that marriage doesn’t have to be the center of every woman’s world, and that education can be more beneficial to a woman than marriage. Anthony proved that despite the laws of the time, women are, and have always been, important, contributing citizens of society and therefore should be treated as such. Friedan proves that marriage isn’t everything, and women should place more focus on themselves and their careers. However, despite these valuable lessons we have learned, we have also seen that the realm of liberal feminism also contains a lot of contradictions. As I have stated time and time again, liberal feminism seeks equality, but not for everyone or to everyone. As bell hooks once said, “whether feminist or not, we all need to remember that visionary feminist goal which is not of a woman running the world as is, but a women doing our part to change the world so that freedom and justice, the opportunity to have optimal well-being, can be equally shared by everyone – female and male” (hooks,
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