Examples Of Lies In The Crucible

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“Perhaps the witches have gotten a bad name, the only method is to separate the heavens from the evil.” Stated Adam Goodheart, it shows that this city of Salem cannot be trusted, people getting hanged for what we call lies. Its full on straight that people agree that the book “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller is what they call the tragedy in Salem. People telling lies, everyone going insane. The devil's spirit roaming through the air seeking whom to strike next, knowing that tragedy is up in the sky just waiting to see Salem go to dust.
First and foremost, In salem people start to go insane, others are thinking the devil has made its way to Salem. Putnam stated “This is a notorious sign of witchcraft afoot, a prodigious sign!” (15). It proves …show more content…

a group of girls knowing to be talking to the devil late at night tend to be blaming each other. Stated Abigail “We danced and Tituba conjured Ruth Putnam's dead sisters” (20). Abigail agrees that all girls were in the forest calling the devil as seen dancing and conjured other people over the devils will. Abigail and all the girls get accused of witchcraft they tend to deny but Giles demands the truth out of them and tend to get it all out.
Danforth is fully upset with witchcraft and makes the decision of horrible death for the witches of Salem, stated Danforth “Hang them all, over the town! Who weeps for these, weeps for corruption!” (151). He wants all these women to die, Danforth would not take anymore of the lies and made that decision. Procter then agrees and gets accused to overthrow the church, all this tragedy lead to all the witches hung at there will.
On the other hand people tend to think of this as a comedy, others see it as a different way of a laughter. They tend to find the joy in the play, Danforth then lets anger out to Mr. Parris “Mr. Paris, you are a brainless man!” (133). Danforth is showing anger but then comedy as that passage may be humorous to the audience. When people tend to make a angrily joke to someone usually people will find that as comedy within the

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