Examples Of Limited Government

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The first facet of modern government that the American Constitution formed is the idea of limited government. Limited government was sought after by the writers of the constitution due to the monarchy in which the original colonist descended from. The writers found that the best way to counteract the power found in governmental systems such as a monarchy or dictatorship is to play limitations on the government and place power in the hands of the people. A clear example of how the government is limited can be seen in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was originally created out of fear that the government may still even be to strong if actions were not taken to protect individual rights. The Bill of Rights retains basic freedoms for individuals such as freedom of religion; a crucial right attained through the first amendment in the constitution can be seen in the freedom of speech and press. This amendment allows for citizens to speak out against actions taken by the government in which they do not agree with. This amendment also allows popular opinions to form as opposed to scattered opinions that will not be as strong as individuals. Another key feature to limit the government can be seen in the same article, where the Bill of Rights states that an individual has the right to attain an impartial jury for a trial. This can extremely limit how much the government can use its power over its citizens; this is due citizens having the ability to take legal actions against
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