Examples Of Limiting Language Barriers

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Limiting language barriers
Because of the overwhelming evidence that cultural competence in healthcare add to better health outcomes, an obligation towards culturally competent care is growing among healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations are starting to incorporate broad approaches to answer to the requirements of racial and cultural minorities. In addition, there are progressively more government guidelines that dictate better awareness of health organizations towards the increasing population diversity. Also, numerous health care organizations are concluding that creating and employing a cultural competence strategy is a noteworthy business move that augments the attention and contribution of both providers and patients (Dejesus, 2008)
Growing the cultural competence of health systems also has the benefit of minimizing organizational and language barrier. The literature review demonstrates that culturally competent healthcare organizations create policies that attempt to address cultural concerns on all levels, from the establishment's Executive leadership to clinicians and administrative workers. “Organizational policies that address language and literacy barriers have been among
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The results of the instrument subscale they used was deemed reliable (ranged from .63 to .91) because of comparable consistencies for both the English and Spanish versions. In addition, simultaneous validity was established by reasonable noteworthy parallels with comparable items on the Brief Pain Inventory. Patients in the study recounted “moderate and severe worst pain in the last 24 hours; 38% were undertreated for pain according to the Pain Management Index; and 75% reported non-pharmacologic strategies including family support, prayer, and position change as highly effective in managing
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