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Literacy Autobiography I used to despise writing and reading classes when I was in elementary because I was a bilingual person. I hated everything about it, the rules of phonemes, the grammars, and the confusing definitions. Reading and writing was my enemies when I was growing up. Learning the English literacy somehow separated me from my own language. If you know anything about Yap, then you know that there are three languages that divide the state. The languages are greatly different from one another. There is the main land’s dialect, the neighboring island’s dialect, and the English language, the language that we use to communicate to one another. To add the cherry to the icing, each language has their own rules of phonemes and word structure. During the stage of my reading development I was introduce to two different ways of sounding out letters. My mother was teaching me how to read using the pronunciation from…show more content…
I was tired of being label a slow reader. I was advanced in my math classes and hardworking student; because of this I knew there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I figured that if I can learn this complicated rules in math than I can learn how read better. With the help of my parents and other teachers I was able to figure out that I was exposed to three different ways of reading. Form that moment I told myself that I should practice the English literacy, since all the text books are written in English. In re-examining my challenges, I took the long journey to finally grasp the fundamental of reading. A change of prospective, new experiences with people who were willing to help me understand and overcome my challenges and determined to do better I was able to develop my reading ability. As a teacher I will not bombard the student with different rules of reading all at once but help them develop it one at a time as especially when they are bilingual
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