The Chrysalids Loss Of Hope Analysis

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Yes, I agree that when you lose hope you also lose the desire and become consumed with doubt and will lose a lot of dreams and beliefs. In the novel The Chrysalids, loss of one 's hope causes the loss of beliefs, leads to sadness and depression, losses the fight you 're striving for before it even begins. First, you can’t stop fighting for your beliefs will prevent the loss of hope. Second, you can’t let the loss of hope lead you to sadness and depression and even death. Third, you can’t give up on your beliefs and lose hope because the odds aren’t in your favour.

The first reason to prevent the loss of hope is to never stop fighting for your beliefs on a topic. This is a humongous part of the novel The Chrysalids by representing many examples in the novel like Joseph Storm and Elias Storm and The Sea-Land Lady. Over time, in the novel, The chrysalids people ' beliefs began to solidified because they have to show what they mean to the
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The Chrysalids show this in multiple examples like Harriet and her child’s birth and Anne and her undying love for Alan. In the novel, if you don’t have hope it means that you have no belief or trust in your abilities to achieve your dreams and could lead to sadness. For example when Anne was very disappointed and when The Group didn’t accept the planning of her marriage to Alan because he was a “norm” and reported Sophie to the authorities this showed what the loss of hope can cause (Wyndham 93,94). The cause of the hope loss could even cause death in some cases like Harriet. For example when Harriet killed herself in the river because her third child was unable to be certified due to its blasphemies and didn’t believe in her future life in the Fringes this portrayed that when you lose hope it could lead to death (Wyndham 69,70). Sadness, depression, death are all results of losing hope when facing an
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