Examples Of Loss Of Innocence In Frankenstein

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The novel Frankenstein outlines the loss of innocence best through two characters, Frankenstein and his monster. Innocent characters would have lived and the monster would have never wanted revenge if Frankenstein had not rejected him. When Frankenstein lost his innocence, the family and friends in his hometown became endangered. Frankenstein losing his innocence also resulted in the creation of a monster, whom took his anger out on the people Frankenstein loved. The downfall of Victor Frankenstein resulted in the destruction of his own creation and the deaths of innocent people he held close to his heart. The downfall of Frankenstein started when he found the secret of creating life from nothing. Although he believed it would lead him to…show more content…
Without anyone to guide him and help him learn from more than just literature, the monster was forced to learn the hard way. The downfall of the monster started when he fell in love with the De-Lacey family. Loving this family, though it taught him something valuable, caused him to turn into an actual monster. Confronting them and being rejected affected the monster worse than a normal man, as he now completely understood what his place in society was. Unfortunately, this made the monster result to revenge and decide to use his corruption to hurt his creator. Frankenstein losing his innocence resulted in a monster, whom lost his innocence due to constant rejection. The loss of innocence in Frankenstein and his monster led to the unfortunate deaths of Frankenstein's family and friends. The monster desired revenge and found it in murdering the innocent people Frankenstein loved. Justine, William, Clerval, and Elizabeth were all people Frankenstein held close to his heart, losing his innocence put them in danger. The monster losing his innocence also put them in danger, as they became his targets in getting revenge on the only person who was supposed to love
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