Examples Of Loss Of Innocence In Macbeth

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Once your innocence has been broken, you lose your sense of morality and judgement. For Macbeth, as a war general of Scotland's king Duncan, it is hard to believe that he’s innocent. He may have been a savage warrior on the battlefield, but he definitely wasn’t wasn’t cold enough to murder his own king that rusted him. May I add that this was because Macbeth wanted to be king. After breaking his “innocence,” Macbeth didn’t have much trouble with killing Banquo and Macduff’s entire family. He built a murderous habit and really became desensitized to his evil methods.
They are many ways one can break their innocence. For this essay, I will talk about the day i lost my no nightlight virginity. I am a person that is always thinking about something.
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No evil would dare step a murderous foot in my room. I felt safe in my own bed as I should’ve been. The nightlight stayed for many years until one day I realized that maybe I didn’t need it. I felt like a coward because I needed a light to go to sleep and to protect me against imaginary and improbable threats. After a couple of days of contemplating taking the nightlight out or not, I eventually manned up and did it. As I laid down to sleep I felt the same fear I did when I was younger and felt vulnerable to the evils of the world; I didn’t care though. I let those fears envelop me and pick at my brain. Laid out and still I was, ignoring the malice of the world sitting on my back, choking the innocence out of me. Eventually, I fell asleep and was saved by my dreams. My innocence was broken. I had been violated by the moonless forces of the night. I had experienced the night in its truest form and found out that it wasn’t all that bad. Then was born the habit I live with to this day.
I happily embrace the darkness just as Macbeth embraced cold hearted murder. Comparing these two events allows me to better understand the theme of broken innocence and how it leads to a loss of morality and

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