Examples Of Lost Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Lost love is a universal theme expressed in Romeo and Juliet, "`If You Were Mine If You Were Mine" and Sense and Sensibility. These books are written as historical fiction to show what life in a certain time was, but even more important to show was love for a certain period was. Perhaps a background to the topic as so better to understand what lost love looks like in famous works of British literature. The infamous Romeo and Juliet: written deep into the 1600 century to the light dawn of the 17th.9 A young 16-year-old man, Romeo and a young 13-year-old girl, Juliet. Romeo is ready to settle down and is looking for love; Juliet, young and naive knows nothing of love until she meets Romeo. The Families of both are well acquainted but not in a polite way, for the two families are at war with each other. This however did not hold back the two young lovers, they secretly got married. But this leads to hardship, one tragic event after another. Romeo and Juliet must fight for what they love, though proven throughout history not to be a true event. The heart-pounding story has captivated critics and audiences all over the world. The story has been written, produced, filmed, and acted out repeatedly. But often more than not people think and misunderstand this story as a romantic, rather than what it really was, a tragedy. This story shows the flaw of love and the rashness of human emotion. The last act brings to light the sad fate of both lovers. Juliet takes a potion to make
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