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Hello! My friends, as we have now heard the speeches of the fine men before me, I see it as my time to share my view of love, to you all. As we have seen many different views of love, I find my view to be quite different: to me, any love is a passion. The passion of love takes many forms; the love a person feels for an object, the love a person feels for another person, and the love a person feels for an idea. Each of these forms of love is a different and intense feeling of passion. Since we have discovered a connection between love and passion, we must ask: what is passion? Passion involves an unhindered determination and obsession over something. This something could be an object, it could be an idea, or it could even be a being. For these people, whatever their passion may be becomes such an overwhelming and powerful force in their lives that it begins to dictate…show more content…
When we look or think about our lover, we feel an overwhelming sense of joy, comfort, and that "warm" feeling. But, is this true love if it is not a shared feeling? In this sense, the love felt when looking at your significant other is not the same passion felt by the child and their object. The child, if they could, doesn't feel a sexual desire for the object, they don't long to spend their days with it and only it, simply for them, their passion is a desire to satisfy a need for comfort. But in the sense of romantic love, this type of passion is fueled by a longing to be with that person. This is different from satisfying a need for comfort in that love between people is a shared aspect and not one sided like a person's love for an object. While a person's love for an object can be a very compelling desire, like ones love for money, a person's desire for romantic love is a far greater force. Romantic love will compel and motivate men to do great feats, beyond which they believed capable. Yet, romantic love isn't the strongest form of

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