Examples Of Love At First Sight In Romeo And Juliet

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Usually when we think about love at first sight, we jump to the thought of just seeing them and instantly falling in love, like something Disney movies portray. But when we take this to a realistic level, these thoughts we jump into first, might not always be the reality for a situation with “love at first sight”. With “love at first sight,” we see all things going well, but in reality, not all the problems eventually have the answer found, resulting in the typical “happily ever after” ending. One such example is the Shakespearean famous play of Romeo and Juliet, where this play displays the realities of life with the competing thoughts of choosing desires to necessities to what is inevitable. This play shows the story of young love between families of Capulet and Montague, who are fierce rivals of each other. These two young people, who love each other immensely, try to find a brighter light to live together freely without their families’ opinions coming between them. This play by William Shakespeare portrays their story of love with the missing element of maturity, which is much needed by the main…show more content…
This is a good example of working hard in order to serve a purpose. Just when something happens and happens just because it, it’s critical to not forget about it and not lose oneself in the mix. In other words, even while Romeo was with his true love, he was there to stay in each other’s company and would have been best not get too lost fantasizing and could have work together for what they, both Romeo and Juliet, want for themselves as a team. To conclude, it’s best not to rest and assume the results compeletely until the main work has been done because one never knows what can always
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