Examples Of Love In Exit West

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The relationship in Exit West was between Saeed and Nadia. While, the relationship in Romeo and Juliet was between Romeo and Juliet. Each relationship broke barriers in their respective cultures and religions. While the way each relationship ended was extremely different in a way they could be compared and be somewhat similar. Each went through challenges and tough times together, to both end in tragedy. Love was the overall reason behind each and there were many examples of love in each story.
Saeed and Nadia are the main characters in Moshin Hamid’s novel Exit West. They were both college students, living in the middle east, who had fallen in love with each other. Saeed and Nadia didn’t haven’t a traditional cultural relationship as they are from the middle east where it is still common for arranged marriages to happen over actual love. They were opposites of each other, Nadia was a non traditional woman, by not having much in common with most middle east woman. She lived on her own, rode a motorcycle, and doesn’t live like middle eastern woman. Saeed on the other hand, was very much a traditionalist and very faithful to his religion unlike Nadia. He followed the Muslim religion closely, and he lived with his parents like a traditional unmarried middle eastern man. They didn’t seem from the beginning like a couple that was truly in love or ever would be, it seemed like there was a spark between them, but it didn’t seem to get passed that. They had moments where that
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